Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Pandora's Box

I may already be preaching to the converetd with this one. However, I just discovered Pandora a fantastic new way to listen to music. Simply tell it your favourite artist and it will build a radio station around your answer. You can create upto 100 'stations' and it fine tunes the station if you add artists or let it know when you don't like one of its selections. "How much does it cost?", I hear you say. There are a couple of options including a very low yearly subscription fee or you can listen for Free and endure short radio and pop-up ads. I am currently listening for free and haven't heard a or seen any ads yet.

If you really love this service you may want to invest in the Squeezebox. This nifty little gadget allows you to listen to Pandora on your home stereo system. Its currently a bit pricey but I'm sure it will come down in the future.